Bonnie Abrams: guitar, vocals

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Song List/Times

  1. Shtil Di Nakht Iz Oysgeshternt 5:12
  2. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen 3:04
  3. Oyfn Pripetshik MP3 4:06
  4. Mayn Rue-Platz 3:36
  5. Reyzele MP3 4:05
  6. Dona Dona 5:31
  7. Zog Nit Keyn Mol 2:52
  8. Papirosn 3:37
  9. Hob Ikh Mir A Mantl 3:07
  10. Tumbalalayke 3:08
  11. Lid Fun Titanik 6:07
  12. Tsores 3:24
  13. Meshiakh's Sudenyu 4:26
  14. Harbstlid MP3 4:04

Bonnie Abrams: guitar, vocals Allen Hopkins: concertina, mandola, mandolin, banjo, guitar; Yona Brown: cello; Jessica Baum: viola; Anne Lederman: violin; Martin Van De Ven: clarinet; Peter Lindblom: trumpet, flugelhorn; Alla Kuznetsov: piano; Denise Cohen: flute; The Rochester Jewish Chorale Martha Rock Birnbaum, director.

Bonnie Abrams has reclaimed her own heritage and celebrates it in this sudenyu- (a mixture or collectiion) of songs in Yiddish. Bonnie is the child of Holocaust survivors, but did not take Yiddish seriously until she was grown and performing as a successful "singer-songwriter". The overwhelmingly positive responsoe to songs in Yiddish led her to explore the music and language in depth. A real bonus for this recording is the inclusion of complete lyrics and translations of all the songs. The 14 selections range from the fun of "Hob ikh Mir a mantl" to the power of "Zog Nit keyn Mol" to the tenderness of "Oyfn Pripetshik."

The variety of accompaniments and the singing of the Rochester Jewish Chorale add greatly to this recording. Bonnie is a winemaker in "real life" and also a member of the Twelve Corners Klezmer Band. she keep a full schedule of concerts in the Rochester, new York area. with this recording, no matter where you live, you can enjoy your own private concert of favorite Yiddish songs.

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